Wh3r3 4M I?

Welcome to the Wasteland, Shit-for-brains

It wasn't very long ago that Tim Berners-Lee called the future of the internet "A Digital Dystopia," if challenges such as misinformation were not tackled. Here at DD, we agree. In fact, Mr. BL, you were beyond right. The internet is already a lost empire of shitposters, memeLords and wannabe rappers. Any decency that might have existed in this hellhole left with the Pirate Bay. 

We made ourselves the Gods of this forgotten place. We remember the golden days of internet technology, and we are happy to keep it alive in the world of advancing technologies. Combining retro culture with emerging tech, Digital Dystopia is a celebration of all things cyber - our employees are cyberpunks, cybergoths, androids, Cyborgs, and the like - we don't discriminate.

So have a look around - listen to DJ Auto or one of our other fine corporate DJs, do some shopping, share the culture. You're in our wasteland.

-- Kingpin Steel "Godfather" Angel